Thank you for your interest in the cycles toolkit!

Note: the toolkit is also available as mural templates. Here are the links

  • Introduction to Alignment Mural Canvases: Alignment is the foundation of effective growth. It is about an honest assessment of who you are (CULTURE), finding what is important (MISSION), and matching this with what the market wants (NEEDS) with plans to deliver value (fit with SKILL and BUSINESS MODELS).
    Alignment canvases will take you to step by step through a process, where In the end, you should be able to write 3-4 True North priorities for your company/division as easy as 1,2,3.
  • Introduction tom BUILD Mural Canvases: Building ideas is the easiest part of innovation. Contrary to the belief that the ability to build ideas is limited to a select few, there are tools and techniques to help any team build better ideas. These canvases will help you build bigger and better ideas that are on strategy, are meaningful, and unique.
    Using these canvases, you will challenge your problem definition, identify what you can do with the resources you already have, spark new ideas and learn how to mix and match to build better ideas.
    If you go step-by-step at the end, you’ll have 20-30 ideas to test.
  • Introduction to Communicate/Check Mural Canvases: Getting feedback and making real decisions will make you a better innovator.
    If you’re looking to build bigger and better ideas, you need to get feedback. These canvases will help you get this feedback and make decisions about what to do next.
    Using these canvases, you’ll be able to get feedback and decide what to do next with your ideas.
  • Introduction to Learning Systems Mural Canvases: A lot of research has shown that systems are the key to innovation success.
    Systems are made up of interrelated components of people and processes with a clearly defined, shared destination or goal.
    Systems work best when everyone shares an understanding and commitment to the aim or purpose of the system.
    The foundations are clarity and a commitment to learning and improvement.
    Great companies have 3 characteristics that set them apart from the rest. These characteristics are:
    1. An ability to see and build on strengths,
    2. A commitment to building innovation eco-systems and,
    3. A commitment to ongoing action.
  • Introduction to Habit Building Mural Canvases: We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.Most new initiatives begin by focusing on motivating people by announcing new strategies in a big launch and expecting change to follow.
    Unfortunately, this approach generally fails. Behavioral science tells us that motivation and incentives are usually not the most effective ways to get people to change. The best approach is really quite simple.
    First, new behaviors are facilitated, and then, controlled repetition of these behaviors create habits.